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MARI’s purpose is to help reconnect us to our roots, to the natural world that surrounds us, to this ancient knowledge we have within us so that we can unlock our own natural healing abilities.  My aim is to bring healing to you through creativity, helping to empower you and ignite your passion to learn and grow from within.


Healing is as old as humanity, it comes in all forms, it starts as a thought and maybe it stays as a thought.  Or maybe it becomes something physical; a gentle touch, a hug, a smile, an exercise.  We all have a natural healing instinct within us but somewhere along the way we have forgotten to trust ourselves with this power.


Whether it is stimulating and expanding your mind using a MARI yoga mat or a set of juggling bean bags, or helping you to drift into a deep relaxation using our lavender eye pillows, or maybe energising your home and work spaces by featuring a few of our zodiac prints.  Or perhaps it is taking part in one of our healing printing workshops to create beautiful, empowering and unique homeware pieces.  Whatever it is that is calling you, know that not only are the products beautiful and practical, they have been designed to bring you healing both visually and physically.


Throughout history things have been designed to be equally beautiful and practical and I will do everything in my power to keep that tradition alive, because I believe that what we see influences our mood.  So if you are surrounded by beauty it will resonate deep within you, healing you and radiate all around you.

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About me...

Hey I’m Maisie, I don’t really know what to say about myself but I can tell you that I love old things, searching for crystals and talking to trees haha! 

I'm a printed textile designer on a quest to design textile prints that are both beautiful and that provide healing, through colour and purpose. 


MARI came into existence when I was in my final year at university and also recovering from some health issues.  Through my struggles to stay healthy and happy I found yoga.  I would do my university work whilst stretching on my yoga mat and it enabled me to remain calm whilst reigniting my passion for art colour and plant therapy.  


Yoga and art helped me to heal emotionally and physically and I want to share that with as many people as possible.  I believe that what we see, influences our mood, so all of the products I design not only provide physical healing, they are designed to visually heal you too.  


I want everyone to feel that spark for life inside them, to feel happy, balanced, strong and at peace within themselves.  


So if you have found your way to MARI... welcome and I am so glad that your path brought you here.


I hope you love everything MARI has to offer!


Lots of love, Maisie x

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