All of the MARI yoga mats are made with natural tree rubber and a recyclable microfiber top.  I work with a textiles recycling company that responsibly upcycles the materials that are then used across multiple industries.  When your MARI yoga mat has reached the end of it's lifecycle then you can return it to me and get 10% off your next order knowing that your yoga mat will have a new life and purpose.

All eye pillows are handmade by me (Maisie) using natural fibres that are hand woven in the UK.  the inks used are non-toxic, water-based dyes that are disposed of via a local waste management company.  Unwanted post-manufacture fabrics and garments are safe for recycling, up-cycling or donation to any local clothes bank.

All journals are made in the UK and are fully recyclable.  The glue used in the spine is non-toxic, water-based and can be recycled. 


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