Introducing The Short Sleeve Top!  It is figure hugging, flattering and is perfect for every occasion.  Made using the SOFTEST bamboo fabric, it is seamless and double layered, so you won't have to worry whether your white top is seethrough on not. 


Whether you want an outfit to wear to practise yoga in, to wear with jeans or to go out out in, this top is perfect.  

The Short Sleeve Top

  • Bamboo fabrics will maintain their special qualities when washed in cold to warm water (up to 40 degrees Celsius) with a gentle detergent, free of bleach.  

    Use bleach free detergents, due to it being a natural fibre the toxicity of bleach can damage the fabric.

    I have pre-shrunk the fabric, but slight shrinkage may still occur.  

    The print at the bottom has been firmly set, but slight bleeding and fading may occur.