Introducing the perfect yoga mat accessory!


These beautiful Macramé Yoga Mat Carriers are hand crafted by my amazing friend Abi from @cabiscrafts.  Every carrier is made to order so each one is created with loving energy bespoke to you. They come in two different colours and designs will vary, making yours unique to you!


The art of Macramé first originated from Arabian and Chinese textiles and it was very popular in the 13th century and even earlier.  Sailors played a large role in keeping the tradition of Macramé alive and sharing the art around the world. Decorative knot-tying kept hands and minds occupied during long trips and ocean voyages.  Both functional and beautiful, this art perfectly encapsulates the balance between strength and softness.  


These Yoga Mat Carriers are very strong and flexible and will fit any standard size yoga mat. If alternate sizes are needed, please email me with your specifications!

Macramé Carrier