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"Tits on a Tea Towel" Workshop

I started this workshop series as a way to help women to feel free to express themselves without judgement.  My aim is to help bring women together to support and empower each other whilst having fun and making art with our beautiful boobs.  

For a long time there has been much social and cultural pressure for women to look and behave in a certain way.  Displaying and celebrating our bodies has been stigmatised and our breasts have been suppressed.  Well not anymore, the divine feminine is rising and now is the time when we can feel free to express ourselves without persecution and fear.  By printing tits on a tea towel I am bringing the full spectrum of different size and shaped breasts to households around the world to break down stigma and make a stand for women worldwide.  Scroll down to find out where the tea towels come from, they are really special and also support women on the other side of the world!

These workshops are held in my studio space in Cornwall but if you would prefer to do one in the comfort of your own space then we can also organise to do them in a place of your choosing!  Empower yourself and the women in your community and support the Tits on a Tea Towel revolution.  If you are interested in taking part in a workshop as a group, with a friend or to join a group alone then send me an email at or send a message through the chat option and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

The tea towels are purchased from Gramodaya Women's Cooperative in Kerala. Gramodaya women's collective is a group of 18 ladies that is a part Kerala's poverty eradication scheme. When you purchase a ‘tits on a tea towel’ tea towel or take part in a workshop, you are not only supporting this wonderful collective but are celebrating breasts and the diversity of the women who own them.

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