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Labradorite Print (Digital)

Labradorite Print (Digital)


First discovered in Icy Canada, the native people believed it fell from the Northern Lights above. 


Labradorite is a stone of protection, grounding, transformation and self-empowerment.  It will reveal parts of the subconscious that you are ready to hear, enhancing your own self-wonder and it’s connection to the moon makes this stone extra magical. 


If you are struggling with self-criticism and doubt then this stone will help guide you to the truths within you, start exploring things that inspire you and create your own magic. 


Zodiac : Leo

  • Specifications

    Watermark will be removed on the file sent to you.

    File is in Jpeg format.

    All artwork is Copyrighed so please don't sell it on! 

    If you want any adivce on printing, you can drop me an email!

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