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A relaxing and healing flaxseed pack that can be used to aid relaxation, relieve stress and tension, which has been handmade with love using only natural materials. 


Ideal for yoga, savasana, meditation, tension, headaches and travel. 


Place the Nature First Eye Pillow on your eyes, feel balanced and at peace whilst slipping into deeper relaxation.  Having light pressure on your eyes helps to relax more deeply and relieve stress.


This isn’t just an eye pillow, it’s a piece of history...

The very fabric that makes this sumptuous eye pillow is over 300 years old! Handwoven, hand- hemmed, naturally bleached and finished by a French household in the 1800s.


Up until the industrial revolution it was required that every French household grew their own flax to weave their own linens. You may be thinking how do I know that it is that old and not something more modern... well back at this time, the looms they used to weave the linen only stretched to one metre, and this piece was two metres wide with a hand stitched centre seam; meaning that it was created before the larger travelling looms existed.


To say that this piece of fabric has been on an adventure would be a severe understatement and to honour this I have kept as many as the original features as possible. The original hems, seams and any little nicks hold so much history and so I have fixed/secured them created a feature out of them on your eye pillow to capture the story they tell.



    25cm - 12cm 


    - Outer: 300 year old French Linen

    - Dyed with natural plant dyes

    - Inside: Calico 

    - Filling: Lavender and Flax Seed

    Cover is machine washable at 30°c using a PH neutral soap


    This fabric is 300 years old so is more susceptible to wear and tear, it has also been hand dyed with plants so the colours are more likely to fade over time.  Please use ph neutral soaps and wash on a very gentle spin cycle and a cool setting - or handwash.

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